Abdur Rehman

Abdul Rehman, a young man from a small district of Lorali in Balochistan with a Master’s degree in Geography from University of Baluchistan. Despite his qualifications he was unable to find employment and decided to start his own business using his knowledge of Baluchistan’s natural terrain and that the land is blessed with a unique variety of gems and stones.

While exploring start-up options, he met with Small and Medium Enterprise Development Authority (SMEDA) officials who helped him develop his initial business plan. Using a small amount of capital he began supplying marble and stones like red oxide and leather stone to the local markets.

In 2012, SMEDA encouraged him to apply for Shell Tameer Awards. Abdul Rehman made to the top ten and received Intensive print and electronic media coverage with an opportunity to share his story in a live morning show on national television.

Tameer's support and media exposure enabled Abdul Rehman to attract more suppliers from major marble markets form across Pakistan.

“I didn't have money to afford the bus fare to come to Karachi to attend the Shell Tameer Award ceremony. through the support and exposure I received and by implementing the learnings I have grown my marble business many folds in a short span of time. ” says Abdul Rehman.

Abdul Rehman is committed to give back to society by promoting women education in his poverty and illiteracy stricken community of Loralai. All my five daughters are now going to the best schools and I am further supporting the education of 10 orphan girls in my community to bring a change through the light of education.