Ghulam Sakina

Ghulam Sakina, a passionate entrepreneur from a remote village of Nawab Shah realized that she can do something on her own to change her life. Her husband was the only bread winner in the family who worked hard to hardly meet the ends. 

Determined to fight poverty, Sakina took a loan of PKR 100 (less than a US Doller) and started off a very small scale grocery outside her house.

Re-investing the earned money again and by taking loans from a local Bank, she slowly and steadily started a small grocery store and bought a buffalo, sews rallis (a small traditional colourful rug) and added cosmetic items to the store. The business expanded and her husband left the mill to support her in the business and supply milk to the neighborhood.

In 2008, the local bank referred her to Shell Tameer Awards. During the process Shell Tameer helped her develop a business plan through SMEDA, offered her basic enterprise generation trainings to improve the business and communication skills to become an inspiration for other women in the community. Sakina made to the top ten finalists of Shell Tameer Awards.

“One should invest in more than one means of income and work hard to become a successful entrepreneur” Says Sakina. 

Today, she owns 20 buffalos and expended further from a micro milk selling shop to a livestock business, with a significant increase in her livelihood to support the education of her only son and wellbeing of the family.

Realizing the important of women education, she decided to go back to school, and successfully upgraded her literacy from primary to high school certification. Sakina is now a true inspiration for the other women in the community to step up and create a meaningful life. 

She has four full time employees and provides support to a network of 35 women in the community by providing assistance and mentoring to help them access the financial assistance and sustain their businesses. 

“I couldn’t thank Shell Tameer enough to empower me with the confidence and much needed support to help me achieve what I am today”.  

Going forward Sakina thinks that she has achieved more than she would dream of,  and rather than thinking about herself, she finds happiness in  giving  back to society. “True satisfaction doesn’t lie in having a lot of money but to see how many lives have been positively impacted by your contribution” She said.

“My advice to young entrepreneur would be to have in faith and work hard and you will see all your dreams will come true”.