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Building bridges for young entrepreneurs for a brighter tomorrow

Shell believes in social investment that benefits communities that we work in. Shell LiveWIRE is Shell’s flagship social investment programme focusing on enterprise development, with a vision to strengthen local economies by promoting entrepreneurship, innovation and meaningful employment. Shell LiveWIRE operates in 18 countries in eight languages and marked its 35th anniversary in 2017. Each country has a localized name for Shell LiveWIRE - while most have kept LiveWIRE as part of the name, we wanted to make it more meaningful for Pakistan, where people here understand what the programme means when they read the name. The Urdu word ‘Tameer’ [meaning ‘to construct/build’] captures the essence of this programme very well. In 2017, through Shell LiveWIRE, 4,159 people were trained, 450 businesses were established, 465 existing businesses were supported, 1,697 jobs were created, and 10 businesses entered the Shell value chain.

Shell Tameer provides young entrepreneurs with access to the essential business knowledge and customised support they need to transform their enterprising ideas into a viable and sustainable business. The programme also addresses the challenge of youth unemployment in Pakistan and contributes to national economic growth by promoting entrepreneurship development in Pakistan. Currently, Shell Tameer’s strategy aims to address key societal and business needs through enterprise development in four areas – access to energy, technology, empowering women and sustainable social change.

Our Partners

Tameer prides itself on having developed successful partnerships with external organizations to further support budding entrepreneurs in their organisations’ development and growth. Tameer works with co-development partners and public and private sector organisations that support young people and their ideas.

Small & Medium Enterprises Development Authority, offers mentoring and business plan development through its helpdesk service nationwide as Operational Partner.
Find out more about SMEDA

Institute of Business Administration, helped in localization of LiveWIRE’s course as Developmental Partner.
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Lahore University of Management Sciences, TIDE Delivery Partner.
Find out more about LUMS

SOS – Technical Training Institute - Karachi
Find out more about SOS Technical Training Institute - Karachi

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The Programme

Learn more about the programme activities and support avenues offered to the young entrepreneurs.

Success Stories

At Shell Tameer, we are proud to showcase the positive impact and successes of our alumni who have fostered and fuelled an entrepreneurial spirit across Pakistan.