Shell Tameer Awards - 2022

Application for Shell Tameer Awards 2022 are now closed. Stay tuned for the Finalists announcement.

Eligibility Criteria:

You are eligible to apply if you:

  • are a Pakistani national
  • are aged between 18-40
  • have a registered business entity less than 3 years old
  • have an idea at prototype stage

Award Categories:

We have six Award categories to support a diverse range of young entrepreneurs. You may select and apply in the category best aligned with your business idea.

  • Clean Energy Solutions (CES)

    Clean Energy Solutions (CES)

    The Clean Energy Solution category invites energy innovators that are providing disruptive solutions within the clean energy space. Energy Innovations may include but are not limited to: Access to Energy; Clean energy; Off-grid solutions; Energy distribution and Energy efficiency.

  • Empowering Women (EW)

    Empowering Women (EW)

    EW category celebrates enterprises aimed at creating opportunities to advance gender equality and to enhance the socio-economic status of women in our society. We are looking for an enterprise focused on empowering women in the workplace, marketplace and their community, enabling them to earn a sustainable livelihood and improve their standard of living.

  • Technology Innovation (TI)

    Technology Innovation (TI)

    TI category recognizes enterprises using innovative tech solutions to change the way things have been done traditionally. Technology Innovation may include but is not limited to E-commerce, Fintech or Smart solutions to make lives smarter, easier quicker in the fields of Medicine, Health, Education, IT and other Business sectors.

  • Circular Economy (CE)

    Circular Economy (CE)

    CE recognizes enterprises that help shift the world to a circular economy future to deliver positive environmental change.

    Innovations may include but are not limited to: Sustainable packaging; Solutions to eliminate or reduce waste; Turn waste into a new resource; Innovative re-use models; minimise water usage; protect and enhance biodiversity; Products and services to improve quality.

  • Transportation and Mobility: (T&M)

    Transportation and Mobility: (T&M)

    T&M category recognizes enterprise providing disruptive solutions around low-carbon transport solutions and transport sharing model. Designed to provide solutions to address direct and indirect environmental and socio-economic impacts of the traditional transportation sector.

  • Bright Ideas Award Category (BIA)

    Bright Ideas Award Category (BIA)

    The BIA category is designed to recognize aspiring entrepreneurs that display great potential for future growth by having a compelling/winning idea. This early stage innovation can come from any of the Shell Tameer Award categories but must be at a prototype stage.

How to Apply?

Submitting an entry:

  • In order to enter the competition, you must fill in all mandatory fields and answer all questions within the application form available on Sign Up | Shell Tameer Awards 2022.
  • If your application is selected, you will be contacted by a member of the Shell Tameer team to confirm your participation and secure your spot in the competition.
  • Please make sure all information provided is accurate and updated.

What’s in it for me?

All finalists will receive:

  • Cash Prizes of up to 1 million for the winner and two runners-up in each category
  • Pitch coaching and mentoring by International and local experts
  • Valuable business networking with the key industry players
  • Global exposure through Shell LiveWIRE’s International platforms
  • Media Coverage 

What is the process?

  • Application open: 10th August
  • Application close : 18th September
  • Shortlisted finalists announced : 3rd October
  • Pitch preparation: 4th- 12th October
  • Individual coaching : 13th – 20th October
  • Final Pitch Event: 25th October
  • Awards Night: to be announced

Date and location for the awards night to be announced later.

Shell Tameer Awards Alumni Testimonials

Shell Tameer Awards 2021 - Highlights

The 8th Shell Tameer Awards took place on the 18th of September at Shell House, a nationwide competition to recognise the best and brightest young entrepreneurs in Pakistan. The event was attended by young innovators, prominent business leaders, media journalists. The event was judged by a carefully selected panel of 15 highly seasoned industry experts to select 6 winners and 6 runner-ups across 6 categories. The event was live streamed for audiences across the country.

Here is a short recap of how the day unfolded.

Take a look at our Top 20 Finalists below

Category Business Location
Circular Economy TrashIt - A tech based waste recycling startup enabling communities to reduce their waste footprint while creating opportunities for the informal waste pickers in the supply chain
Aabshar Inc. - A young startup addressing water scarcity through their Water Optimisation Nozzles that can save utp 98% water wastage
International Services Pak - A circular economy startup contributing towards a cleaner future and social change through sustainable waste management innovations
Clean Energy Solutions Renew Power Projects - A renewable energy startup providing access to clean energy through innovative solar products and services
Building Energy Efficiency Simulators (BEES) - An energy innovator providing technology and sensor based solutions through virtual audits and remote assessments to improve energy efficiency in a sustainable and affordable manner
Enent- A clean tech startup focused on designing innovative electrical load management products that can reduce electricity bills and power loss up to 20%
Empowering Women Civixa - A women led startup providing AI based data management solutions to help organizations achieve their business objectives through a data driven approach
Beetee - A women led startup aimed at providing fabric based reusable and disposable products to the healthcare industry providing skilled women from rural areas opportunities in the supply chain
Digital Libas - A social enterprise aimed at empowering women in remote areas of Baluchistan through innovative online tailoring services and vocational trainings
Technology Innovation CricFlex - A technology innovator helping cricketers improve their bowling actions and measure of performance through a sensor embedded arm sleeve device and mobile app
Learnovate - An online learning platform aimed at providing affordable innovative skill-based live virtual courses to masses, while creating livelihood opportunities for instructors - A technology innovator providing water management solutions to households and industries through their smart app and IoT based technology
Transport & Mobility - A web app-based platform aimed at facilitating commuters through an integrated smart routing tool to public transit systems, enabling them to select the most convenient commuting options
Elixis - A young innovator promoting sustainable mobility through locally built electric bicycles to help reduce environmental impacts of commuting
vCarpool - An innovatively designed ridesharing platform for frequent intercity commuters to provide affordable mobility solutions and reduce carbon emissions through carpooling
Bright Idea Award Frictolysis - An energy idea aimed at harnessing energy from road traffic through innovative piezo plates sensors to provide clean and affordable energy solutions
Creatorz - An idea designed for the local manufacturing industry that will help create opportunities for young engineers through locally developed 3D printers
Boltay Huroof - A tech-based social enterprise aimed at improving accessibility and digital inclusion for the blind and low-vision community through their braille translation software
Dice Battery Pack - An automobile innovator producing batteries for commercial electric vehicles to encourage ecofriendly, affordable and safe means of transportation and mobility in Pakistan
EcoStabilizer - An engineering startup disrupting the construction industry through eco-friendly and resilient construction materials, addressing carbon emissions and human right abuse

20 finalists have been shortlisted across six award categories from 125 applicants received from across the country. These 20 finalists received mentoring and coaching from Shell’s international consultants DAI, before pitching their business to an expert jury for final winner selection at the Awards finale held on September 18, 2021.

More in the Programme

Shell Tameer Workshops

Shell Tameer trainings and workshops help with the development of enterprise skills essential to starting a business. The trainings are designed to provide guidance on how to transform business ideas into sustainable ventures, and networking opportunities that can aid in acquiring financing or highlighting avenues for business growth.

Tameer information Desk for Entrepreneurs (TIDE)

Tameer Information Desk for Entrepreneurs (TIDE) is designed to equip students with entrepreneurial skills by blending practical experience into their theoretical knowledge. TIDE encourages students to develop innovative business ideas through business plan competitions, entrepreneurship workshops, social internships and volunteer programmes.

Shell Tameer Mentoring & Advice

Having access to information and skills is vital when undertaking any enterprise but also being able to call upon a mentor to talk through the process. A mentor can help cast an independent eye over business plans and advise on marketing or sales assumptions and plans thus providing additional support to the entrepreneur