Having access to information and skills is vital when undertaking any enterprise but also being able to call upon a mentor to talk through the process. A mentor can help cast an independent eye over business plans and question any marketing or sales assumptions that may have taken thereby encouraging healthy debate.

Shell Tameer arrange mentoring and advice session through its Developmental Partner Small and Medium Enterprises Deevelopment Authority (SMEDA) and through Its alumni on request.

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Shell Tameer Awards

Shell Tameer Awards, is a nationwide competition held every two years to recognize young startups out there to make a difference.

Shell Tameer Workshops

Shell Tameer trainings and workshops help with the development of enterprise skills essential to starting a business

Tameer information Desk for Entrepreneurs (TIDE)

Taking the program to the next level, Tameer has introduced an exciting initiative for students nationwide, with the launch of Tameer Information Desk for Entrepreneurs (TIDE), in collaboration with educational institutes