Meet the Winners and Runners-up of Shell Tameer Awards 2022 that are set to change lives through their disruptive innovations. 

Out of the 253 ideas from all over Pakistan 30 Finalists were shortlisted to compete across six diverse categories.

The finalists were trained through Shell LiveWIRE’s International experts to deliver their final pitches before a panel of renowned industry and start-up leaders from Shell, Engro, Unilever, UBL, KE, Toyota Indus Motors, Katalyst Lab and NIC Karachi and Hyderabad.

The winners were announced at a grand ceremony of Shell Pakistan’s 75 years celebrations featuring Shell Tameer Awards.

The grand winners of Shell Tameer Awards 2022 are:

Circular Economy: Concept Loop – Dabeer Hemani | A tech-based start-up converting plastic waste into building materials and high-value lifestyle products through their sustainable data-driven and tech-empowered processes.

Clean Energy Solutions: Geoaircon – Muhammad Hassamuddin | A clean-tech start-up providing ground-sourced Climate Control technology. Utilizing temperate underground temperatures to dramatically cut down air-conditioning or heating costs by 35-75% for industrial, commercial, residential, and agricultural use.

Empowering Women: The Method – Insiya Meherally | A young start-up working towards women’s safety by providing self-defense training across corporate and private networks.

Technology Innovation: Crop2x Pvt Limited – Humaira Rana | A technology start-up advancing the agriculture sector by proving AI-based data-driven insights on soil, land, and weather conditions to increase yields and reduce operational costs.

Transport & Mobility: Motto Vest Pvt Limited – Zeeshan Shahid | A tech-based start-up aimed at providing safe mobility for bike riders through their AI sensor-based airbag vest to prevent fatalities and disabilities.

Bright Idea: Enviro Solutions – Abuzar Siddiqui | An eco-friendly idea converting plastic waste into road building material.

The runners-up include:

Davaam Life Pvt Limited from Circular Economy, Pak Bioenergy from Clean Energy Solutions, Asqurr for Empowering Women, Oval NFT for Technology Innovation, Juggernaut Pvt Limited for Transport & Mobility, and Bewise for Bright Idea.

Here is a quick recap of Shell Tameer Awards 2022. 

Meet the 30 Finalists for the Shell Tameer Awards 2022

We are delighted to announce the entrepreneurs shortlisted for the Shell Tameer Awards 2022. Top 30 finalists have been shortlisted across six award categories out of 253 valid entries from across the country. These 30 finalists will receive mentoring and coaching from Shell’s international consultants DAI, before pitching their business to an expert jury at the Grand Finale.

  • Bright Ideas Award Category (BIA)

    Bright Ideas Award Category

    The BIA category is designed to recognize aspiring entrepreneurs that display great potential for future growth by having a compelling/winning idea. This early stage innovation can come from any of the Shell Tameer Award categories but must be at a prototype stage.


Entrepreneur Business Name Business Description
Sadaf Tagar Upcycled A disruptive circular economy idea to convert poultry waste into plastic polymers and organic fertilizer
Maliha Abbas ECOSOL A unique climate literacy and action platform, aimed at building an environmentally literate community that understands the use and design of eco-friendly products.
Muhammad Farooq Biodegradable Cutlery A bright idea aimed at revolutionizing the food industry by producing biodegradable cutlery to improve hygiene and reduce plastic waste.
Abuzar Shoaib Siddiqui Enviro Solutions An ecofriendly idea converting plastic waste into road building material.
Shoaib Hasan Rizvi BeWise A passionate young entrepreneur working towards empowering rural women through an online platform that provides resources to channelize their skills and abilities into meaningful livelihood opportunities.

  • Transportation and Mobility: (T&M)

    Transportation and Mobility Category

    T&M category recognizes enterprise providing disruptive solutions around low-carbon transport solutions and transport sharing model. Designed to provide solutions to address direct and indirect environmental and socio-economic impacts of the traditional transportation sector.

Entrepreneur Business Name
Business Description
Zeeshan Shahid Motto Vest Trading Pvt Ltd A young start-up aimed at providing safe mobility for bike riders through their AI sensor-based airbag vest to prevent fatalities and disabilities.
Wajahat Naqvi E-Ladeen E-ladeen aims to localize the control of public transport through their mobile the business will directly connect the commuters with local transport services to ensure affordability, convenience and safety of the commuters.
Muhammad Kamil Metre 360 Pvt. Ltd. A data driven Vehicle Health Tech Platform that empowers vehicle owners to minimize maintenance & repair costs while driving better valuations through their predictive AI-enabled master mechanics.
Arshad Khan Dropclick Dropclick is a crowdsourcing platform that connects business and independent transporter for instant & scheduled delivery services. The tech-based platform offers efficient operations, reliability and real-time monitoring to serve their B2B and B2C customers.
Zohaib Matloob Juggernaut Pvt Ltd A tech-based start-up offering disruptive solutions to advance the cargo and trucking industry through technology.

  • Circular Economy (CE)

    Circular Economy Category

    CE recognizes enterprises that help shift the world to a circular economy future to deliver positive environmental change.

    Innovations may include but are not limited to: Sustainable packaging; Solutions to eliminate or reduce waste; Turn waste into a new resource; Innovative re-use models; minimise water usage; protect and enhance biodiversity; Products and services to improve quality.

Entrepreneur Business Name
Business Description
Syed Salman Tariq Davaam Life (Private) Limited A technology driven start-up providing smart dispensing stations that cut down single use plastic at source while providing solutions for waste collection, materials recovery facilities and end-use recycling.
Dabeer Hemani Concept Loop A tech-based start-up converting plastic waste into building materials and high value lifestyle products through their sustainable data driven and tech-empowered processes.
Ayan Raza EFG Construction A young start-up converting plastic into construction materials to provide affordable, green housing to communities while reducing the dead-weight of building structures
Angel Imdad Irverde-GoGreen A female environmentalist providing responsible waste collecting solutions while educating and incentivizing communities for adopting environment friendly practices and behaviors.
Abrahim Shah Mobiliti A social enterprise using plastic waste to manufacture bionic prosthetics and assistive devices to mobilize people with limb loss and disabilities.

  • Technology Innovation (TI)

    Technology Innovation Category

    TI category recognizes enterprises using innovative tech solutions to change the way things have been done traditionally. Technology Innovation may include but is not limited to E-commerce, Fintech or Smart solutions to make lives smarter, easier quicker in the fields of Medicine, Health, Education, IT and other Business sectors.

Entrepreneur Business Name
Business Description
Humaira Rana Crop2X Private Limited A technology start-up advancing the agriculture sector by proving AI based data-driven insights on soil, land and weather conditions to increase yields and reduce operational costs.
Batool Aamir Oval NFT A Blockchain technology startup, providing NFT solutions with embedded smart contracts using blockchain technology, to help brands strategize & implement the launch of their NFTs.
Shabih e Zainab SpotGame A sports enthusiast using technology to promote a healthy lifestyle and create a digital market space for lifestyle trainers, coaches, facilities, and outdoor enthusiasts to buy, sell, manage and market their products, services, and sponsorships.
Ahmad Abdullah SAY Global A social start-up aimed at enabling people with speech disfluency by providing modern speech therapies and mental health solutions to help them overcome their social barriers and inclusion challenges.
Muhammad Muneeb Tahir Humming Hyve Technologies A tech-driven start-up providing smart beehive monitoring solutions through their IoT device to maintain an ideal temperature for increased production and quality.

  • Empowering Women (EW)

    Empowering Women Category

    EW category celebrates enterprises aimed at creating opportunities to advance gender equality and to enhance the socio-economic status of women in our society. We are looking for an enterprise focused on empowering women in the workplace, marketplace and their community, enabling them to earn a sustainable livelihood and improve their standard of living.


Entrepreneur Business Name
Business Description
Romesa Aqeel Kati Katai A bright idea supplying pre-cut vegetables and fruits to benefit women through their online platform.
Armeen Hassan Smart self-defense against assails A young female entrepreneur offering self-defense trainings and a complete safety and security solution through their innovative app-based platform to protect women against assaults.
Nausheen Barkat Asqurr A female led organic honey brand with a focus on empowering women and contributing towards a balanced ecosystem through sustainable bee farming.
Insiya Meherally The Method A young start-up working towards women safety by providing self-defense trainings across corporate and private networks.
Maham Wareesha Smart Women A female led start-up enabling rural women through their app-based solution that educates them on self-defense techniques, learning based mini games and online educational videos.

  • Clean Energy Solutions (CES)

    Clean Energy Solutions Category

    The Clean Energy Solution category invites energy innovators that are providing disruptive solutions within the clean energy space. Energy Innovations may include but are not limited to: Access to Energy; Clean energy; Off-grid solutions; Energy distribution and Energy efficiency.


Entrepreneur Business Name
Business Description
Muhammad Hassamuddin GeoAirCon A clean-tech start-up providing ground sourced Climate Control technology. Utilizing temperate underground temperatures to dramatically cut down air-conditioning or heating costs by 35-75% for industrial, commercial, residential and agricultural use.
Huzaifa Bin Umer Renewed Energy A clean-tech start-up offering renewable energy solutions through their innovative double stage Savonius type wind turbines to produce energy at low air velocity.
Syed Wamiq Ali Bio-Being An innovative idea converting cooking oil waste into environment friendly biofuels.
Muhammad Mohsin Kareem Pak BioEnergy A clean energy innovator using Biomass fuel as an environment friendly alternate to conventional heating energy solutions for domestic, commercial and industrial clients.
Zohaib Ullah Khan Ingenuity Solutions - Ikhtiar A tech-based start-up providing solutions for smart electricity consumption and real-time bill monitoring through their innovative mobile app.

Eligibility Criteria:

You are eligible to apply if you:

  • are a Pakistani national
  • are aged between 18-40
  • have a registered business entity less than 3 years old
  • have an idea at prototype stage

How to Apply?

Submitting an entry:

  • In order to enter the competition, you must fill in all mandatory fields and answer all questions within the application form available on Sign Up | Shell Tameer Awards 2022.
  • If your application is selected, you will be contacted by a member of the Shell Tameer team to confirm your participation and secure your spot in the competition.
  • Please make sure all information provided is accurate and updated.

What’s in it for me?

All finalists will receive:

  • Cash Prizes of up to 1 million for the winner and two runners-up in each category
  • Pitch coaching and mentoring by International and local experts
  • Valuable business networking with the key industry players
  • Global exposure through Shell LiveWIRE’s International platforms
  • Media Coverage 

What is the process?

  • Application open: 10th August
  • Application close : 18th September
  • Shortlisted finalists announced : 3rd October
  • Pitch preparation: 4th- 12th October
  • Individual coaching : 13th – 20th October
  • Final Pitch Event: 25th October
  • Awards Night: to be announced

Date and location for the awards night to be announced later.

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